Origin Big O 2-in-1 PC/Xbox or PS4 finally released for sale to gamers

For a number of years now, Origin PC has been putting consoles and gaming PC hardware in the same case and showing us the finished product under the brand name "The Big O." One problem, though, is that these impressive PCs have only ever been for show. That all changes today, as Origin is now offering The Big O to consumers, complete with their choice of console.

Before you get too excited, this Big O is not the same as the Big O we saw back in June. While that computer included PC gaming hardware along with the internals of an Xbox One X and PS4 Pro (there was even a built-in dock for the Switch), this one doesn't go quite so all-out. Instead of getting hardware for all three consoles on top of a formidable PC gaming machine, you'll instead be picking between either an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition or a PlayStation 4 Pro.

We would imagine that most folks are probably okay with choosing, because including both consoles would only raise the price of this already expensive machine further. Since this is Origin PC we're talking about, you can customize pretty much everything about the PC and its internals, including the console hard drive, motherboard, system cooling, the power supply, and the exterior color of your case (which is a modified Corsair Crystal Series 280X Micro-ATX chassis). You can even have Origin include a built-in capture card if you plan to stream using this rig.

As with many Origin PCs, the configurations available for The Big O cover a pretty wide range of hardware. On the low end – which will give you a machine with an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and PC hardware like a Ryzen 5 3600, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super, and 16GB of RAM – you're looking at paying about $2,300. Swap in some high-end hardware, such as a Core i9 9900K, GeForce RTX Titan, 64GB of RAM, a PS4 Pro, and an ASUS ROG Swift PF27UQ 4K monitor, and you're looking at prices that get dangerously close to $9,000.

So, regardless of the configuration you get, you'll be spending some serious cash. Still, that hefty purchase price could be worth it for some for the novelty of having a gaming PC and a console in one box. You can check out The Big O and all of its configuration options over at Origin PC's website.