Origami and Phones, Together At Last

My first thought upon gazing on this concept design was a resounding "wtf", in a good way. Chengyuan Wei put together this little gadget that takes the ancient art of Origami and telephones and puts them into the same thing. How can this be? It's all because of the magic of technology.

First off, this isn't a design that's going to include touchscreens, buttons, or any of that fancy kind of stuff. Right now it's just something that can work as an oldschool telephone handset, but it's in a piece of cardboard. All you have to do to turn this flat thing into an ergonomic handset is squeeze the sides together gently. The breaks in the cardboard will bend and it'll transform.

This isn't going to change your life or anything, but it does demonstrate how far we've really come in making the things we need smaller and more convenient. Cool.

[via Yanko Design]