Order a Domino's pizza just by tweeting emoji

Remember when ordering a pizza used to be such a hassle? You had to pick up the phone, call the chain you wanted delivery from, tell another human what you wanted, and then sit and wait for it? That process has evolved over the years, thanks to technology. Eventually we were able to order online from a pizza chain's website, then came delivery tracking, and last year we got the ability to order delivery at the press of a single button with Push For Pizza. Well, now you can order Domino's just by tweeting the pizza slice emoji.

It works like this: you set up a profile on Domino's Easy Order system, including your Twitter handle, address, payment details, and most importantly, the toppings you want on your pizza whenever you tweet your order. From there, all you need to do is tweet @Dominos with either the pizza slice emoji, or the hashtag #EasyOrder, and they will respond with a confirmation via direct message. Unfortunately, this still doesn't eliminate the waiting phase of getting delivery.

Domino's began teasing the big new announcement via a number of tweets that consisted of nothing but the pizza slice emoji. These culminated in the announcement of the Easy Order system, which will officially launch on May 20th, in the US only.

While ordering a pizza by tweeting an emoji might not seem much quicker than Push For Pizza's solution, the real benefit is that you can order from more than just your smartphone. Push For Pizza can only be used when you launch their app, but with Domino's Easy Order, it will work from any device that you can tweet from; your phone, your smartwatch, your smart TV, your game console, etc. The future of pizza ordering has truly arrived.