Hungry? Lazy? Try Push for Pizza

We've all been there; sitting on the couch, wondering what to eat while we let the TV screen dictate our day. Pizza seems like a good idea, but calling/heating up/ordering online? Not so much. Those conundrums born of laziness are no more. Push for Pizza is here.

The app is dead simple — push a button, and pizza shows up a bit later. After you put in your payment info and location (done once after downloading), you just... push. The cost of the pizza, delivery charge, and tip are all taken care of.

Sound like something a bunch of teens would use? Well, it is. So much so, it was designed by a group of teens over five months. They get the joke, though — they're not taking Push for Pizza for granted. It's silly, and was always meant to be. Brilliance sometimes is.

Push for Pizza also takes the guess-work out of deciding on toppings. You get cheese or pepperoni — that's it. As for which pizzerias you can order from, it's not quite clear. The app gives a selection for you to choose from — if any are available in your area. In our testing, it didn't work out so well.

Push for Pizza is available on iTunes, so give it a shot if you're hungry.