Orbo Watch Takes Circular Face, E Ink, Tells All

Chris Burns - Feb 11, 2011
Orbo Watch Takes Circular Face, E Ink, Tells All

We’ve got a soft spot for conceptual design in our collective hearts here at SlashGear, and when a bit of industrial design comes along so very close to production that they only need a little nudge to get out of the door, we can’t resist. Especially when that design is brilliant to the level that this watch is. It appears to be analog until you realize what the hands are telling you – the hours, minutes, seconds, day, weather, and basically anything else you’d like, all of it in a cleverly fashionable design.

This is the ORBO watch series by Zach Starr Weiss, and it’s about 3 steps away from production. The image you see above is one of many, each of them rendered in some 3D illustration software or another. The display is so flat it’s going to have to be E-Ink, and the watch quality is going to have to be so high it can get back the money it’s put into the display.

We want this watch, so what you’re gonna have to do is find Zach, or just post in the comments below, tell Zach where to find someone who wants to produce his watches, and get this show on the road. I’ll take the white one you see above. Thanks!

[via Yanko Design]

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