Orange is the New Black spoof ushers in Season 2 with kittens

Orange is the New Black is back with season 2, and to help usher in the premiere is a clowder of cats and kittens dressed up in prison garb explaining how it all got started. Yes, a laser pointer does make an appearance at one point.

If you spent last season becoming entrenched in Netflix's story of forlorn love, poor life choices, and prison-based shenanigans (ahem), today's premiere of Season 2 of Orange is the New Black probably made waiting for the work day to end pretty miserable.

Fortunately, helping you pass time until you can fire up Netflix and jump feet first into the new #OITNB season is a parody explaining last season's most notable plot points...with kittens. One, in particular, is donned with a red wig and is wielding a knife.

Titled "Tabby is the new Cat," a sunglasses-wearing cat named Piper explains how she ended up in prison (aka, house-bound), what life behind windows and closed doors is like, and some of the crazy antics that go down inside. We won't spoil it for you, so click Play on the video above and prepare for amusement.

SOURCE: Mashable