Orange County Choppers Make Pope Bike 2k7

I am a catholic, likely not as devout as most, but nonetheless I feel I am blaspheming and certifying my place in hell by writing this article, but at least I can say I am not the one who made the bike. So there was this guy, he was pretty big in, the world, his name was Pope John Paul the Second (II).

He was a pretty great guy, at least as far as most Catholics were concerned. Anyways, OCC, the guys famous for their hit TV show and their amazing theme bikes have gone and made a bike in his memory. I have dubbed it the Pope Bike 2k7, I have no idea what they are calling it.

Their one saving grace is that they are kissing the 60 grand it cost them to make goodbye and donating the whole thing to a Christian charity. The bike includes a gas tank that is covered in the image of the great man himself and of several scenes from his life, other religious imagery, the PJP2's coat of arms and the colors of the Polish flag. Since there is no chance I am ever going to become pope, let me say that if I were the pope, I would have come down and smitten the person who even thought of remembering me with a motorcycle, but I guess that's why he was the pope and I have no chance in hell.

The bike will go on eBay August 26th. I must say though, that Pope John Paul II was one of, if not the greatest man of our time, regardless of your religion or lack thereof he did many great things during his life not only for the Catholic/Christian religions but for the world as a whole.

Pope's Image to Adorn a Bike [via bornrich]