Oral-B iO10 Electric Toothbrush Packs Smart Tools For Personalized Brushing

Oral-B has expanded its iO electric toothbrush line with the iO4, iO5, and iO10 with iOSense. The latter model is the most notable of the new line, adding in connected tech that, Oral-B claims, helps users better monitor and control their oral health using things like live coaching and a brushing timer. The new iO toothbrushes were introduced as part of Oral-B's CES 2022 offerings.

The Oral-B iO electric toothbrush product line aims to build upon traditional, ordinary electric toothbrushes by adding in a number of smart features. The iO10, in particular, is the line's top model with support for the company's iOSense tech via the iOSense Charger.

According to Oral-B, its iOSense Charger offers real-time "coaching" on brushing pressure, duration, and coverage — this, the company notes, eliminates the need to take your smartphone into the bathroom while brushing. The charger's timer allows the user to make sure they brush for a full two minutes, plus the device has a built-in clock.

The user's brushing data is shuttled to the product's companion app so that users can view information on their "brushing habits," Oral-B explains. That aside, the iO10 model also includes seven cleaning modes for what the company describes as a personalized brushing experience.

Oral-B has also expanded the line with its new iO4 and iO5 electric toothbrush models; both versions offer more than one brushing mode, an LED in the handle that shows when the toothbrush needs a refill, and a two-minute brushing "celebration" alert in the form of a rainbow. Only the iO5 model can sync with the Oral-B companion mobile app, however.

In addition to its new electric toothbrushes, Oral-B has also announced a new partnership with teledentistry company Grin for remote oral health appointments. Key to this platform is a "scope" that consumers can attach to their smartphones, enabling them to capture images of their teeth that are sent to their dentists for review.

The particular ways in which these two companies will work together aren't clear. Oral-B notes that under this partnership, dentists/orthodontists will be able to "virtually recommend the oral care products and behaviors that patients need," seeming to indicate the arrangement may involve Grin recommending Oral-B products.

The company goes on to say that it and Grin will also "reveal innovations" related to consumer oral at-home health "over the coming months."

As for the newly unveiled iO toothbrushes, Oral-B plans to show them off at CES 2022 this month. The company has launched a "VIP list" for consumers who want to get the iO10 model, though pricing information isn't yet available. The iO4 and iO5 models, meanwhile, are earmarked for launch in the US at some point in the near future with the price listed only as "less than $100."