Oracle ordered to pay Google's legal fees

In the latest of a series of burns Google is issuing to Oracle amid the ruling that they were not in the wrong in their recent legal spat, the judge presiding over the case has ruled that Oracle is now responsible for all of Google's legal fees. Thusly they'll have lost a whole lot more than what they originally felt they were entitled to from Google as their claim that Google's usage of "their" code was done without their permission. Google spokesperson Jim Prosser has come forth to say that the total in damages for this final round of suits came to $300,000 USD.

The reason this case has been ruled in such a way is the fact that Oracle was warned that if they did bring this case to court they would have to pay Google's legal fees in the end. This comes after Oracle had already brought the case to court two separate times and was denied in kind. Oracle has declined to comment today while it appears that Google is more than willing to share all details associated with this situation as it does, once again, clear their name of any wrongdoing.

If you'd like to get more insight on the case as it went forth over the past few weeks and months, have a peek in our timeline on the subject below. You can also have a peek at the official court documents regarding this situation over at DOCStock in PDF form (embedded in their presentation page) and

[via Android Guys]