OQO Models past & present pose

I'm not naturally a jealous person.  Ordinarily I can be generous and forgiving of other's good fortune, without wishing them to fall down stairs or be mauled by rabid toads.  And yet seeing the photo-shoot fun tnkgrl has had posing a new, excitable OQO Model 02 and a couple of 01+ old-pros has brought me out in hives of envy.  It's not pretty; or should I say, I'm not pretty – the handheld computers certainly are!

The 02 goes some way to knocking its forebearer into the proverbial cocked-hat, with backlit keyboard and that ever-so-useful dock that's fair bristling with ports.

There's a payoff in terms of size, however; in the above photo you can see the thickness of the Model 01+ compared to the 02 (the top two have normal batteries, the bottom two have the extended batteries).  It's also broader than before, although for all its slimmed-down dimensions the 01+ was never really going to fit into a shirt-pocket.

tnkgrl's full photoset is available on flickr, here

tnkgrl [via Mike Cane's Blog]