Optoma Pico Projector PK101 gets dedicate iPod/iPhone AV cable

Daniel Lim - Feb 2, 2009
Optoma Pico Projector PK101 gets dedicate iPod/iPhone AV cable

The ultra compact Optoma Pico projector PK101 with TI-DLP technology has been available from amazon online (listed as EP-PK-101) for quite some time now. The package bundled with an iPod/iPhone/iTouch enabled docking to enable video and audio to the Optoma, the manufacturer has today announced a new breed of much dedicated A/V cable with similar function for the use of Apple products.

The DWA010 is Apple iPod/iPhone AV cable accessory, designed to enable its video and audio outputs via a single mini cable connection to the Optoma PK101 pico projector. The cable is 960mm in length and has an adjustable volume control near the end of the cable. It’s available some time this week in Japan for a mere 600 yen ($6.60).

Technically, the mini projector has native resolution of 480×320, it’s lower than the supported video outputs from your iPod/iPhone that’s reaching 480 horizontal lines of resolution. The cable is composite type video format, carries additional audio signal and has a single connector for output, it’s quite common for nowadays small form factor multimedia players.

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