Optimus Mini goes Bluetooth wireless

After silencing critics who never believed their OLED keyboard would reach prototype stage, never mind be on sale, Art Lebedev have announced their plans for the next generation of Optimus Mini.  The original consisted of three keys, each with OLED displays; this version three will have one sensor divided into three zones, and will connect to a computer wirelessly via Bluetooth.

"We're starting to work on a completely new design of Optimus mini. Main direction: to have something like 'mini Tactus'. One small sensor display divided into three (maybe more) zones.  On the top of our wish list is wireless capabilities (a lot of people use Optimus mini three to control Power Point presentations)" Art Lebedev blog

"Even when not plugged directly in to the computer Optimus mini should be able to receive signal. Thus one will be able to have AC-powered wireless PC informer anywhere within the Bluetooth range" Art Lebedev blog 

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