Optimus Maximus – It’s real, and in Moscow

Chris Scott Barr - Sep 17, 2007

Man, it seems like the people over in Moscow get everything cool before the rest of the world. I admit that might be a bit of an overstatement. In fact, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that people in Moscow have gotten before it has shown up in the US. Except for the Optimus Maximus keyboard that is.

The very first Opimus Maximus keyboard has arrived in Moscow the other day. Unfortunately, this is the best, and only picture that was taken of it. I’m sure that it’s likely the same one that we caught pictures of a couple weeks ago. I’m curious why the keys are all different colors. I would have thought that different key groupings would have been similar colors.

The problem we have with a shot like this is that it doesn’t actually tell us much. It’s just a picture of a guy typing on a very colorful keyboard. How do we know that it’s really an Optimus Maximus? Is that really even Moscow? Sure, we could just assume that it’s all true since it was posted by guy leading the project. Actually, I think that’s probably a good idea. My only question is if it’s still on track for the November release date.

A working Optimus keyboard in Moscow [via newlaunches]

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