Optical USB mouse with vacuum built in

James Allan Brady - Feb 20, 2008, 11:58am CST

These people and their mice modifications make me sick sometimes, but alas, I bring you the latest and greatest in mouse multi-functionality. This 800dpi optical mouse has a small vacuum built into it.

It is a bagless vacuum as well as everything that is swept up is put into a small dust bin, there is even a small HEPA filter I believe. It has to be plugged into USB to get the power, so it’s pretty much limited to the range of your desktop, but it would be perfect for picking up the crumbs from your last meal of Doritos and Red bull.

The power switch for the vacuum function is on the right side of the mouse, and the dust bin and exit hole for the air are located on the rear of the mouse. It has some practicality to it, but the hit that ergonomics takes makes it not worth it, although if you still want on they are about $18, but can only be bought from Thanko for now.

[via everythingUSB]

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