Opternative online eye exam provides a prescription for glasses remotely

Shane McGlaun - Feb 26, 2014
Opternative online eye exam provides a prescription for glasses remotely

If you spend lots of time in front of your computer, you may end up with eyestrain that leaves you wondering if you need glasses. You could go to Walmart and take one of those eye tests they offer, but that quick test won’t get you a prescription if you need it. A company called Opternative has announced a new online eye exam.

The eye exam is designed to answer that “Do I need glasses” question for you. It does more than just tell you if you need glasses or not, it will also give you a prescription. The biggest downside I see is that it isn’t free. The test takes in the area of five to ten minutes to complete and will cost you $35 whether or not you need a prescription.

If you think you need glasses or your prescription may need changed, that is about 1/4 the cost of a normal eye exam. Opternative was created by Dr. Steven Lee, who is a licensed optometrist.

The prescription that the eye test gives you can be used to get glasses anywhere. The company promises that its eye tests work because they have created images that look different depending on what prescription is needed by the viewer. The tests offered online include those for diagnosing astigmatism, color blindness, contrast, and distance reading. Tests are calibrated for the correct viewing distance by asking for your shoe size and then telling the user how far to stand from the screen.

SOURCE: TechCrunch

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