Oprah calls Amazon Kindle "my new favorite thing in the world"

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Oprah Winfrey has named the Amazon Kindle her "favorite new gadget", and with it likely catapulted the wireless-enabled ebook reader into the top-seller list.  Rumors had been circulating for the past week or so that Winfrey would be promoting an electronic device, and with Amazon running preview videos on their homepage it seemed likely that it would be their ebook.  There's good news, though, if you've been thinking of buying a Kindle yourself: a $50 discount on all new purchases of the device.

It's not quite as good as being part of the Oprah studio audience and getting things totally free, but enter OPRAHWINFREY into the coupon code box when purchasing a Kindle and Amazon will knock $50 off the sticker price.  That brings the Kindle down to $309.

The coupon is valid until November 1st 2008, but the halo around the Kindle will likely last a whole lot longer.  Oprah's book club is known for making the careers of the authors she picks, so Amazon are probably hoping her affirmations will do the same for the ebook reader.

[via Mobileread]