Opera unveils sponsored web pass for mobile internet access

Shane McGlaun - Feb 21, 2014, 5:11 am CST
Opera unveils sponsored web pass for mobile internet access

Opera has announced a way for mobile data consumers to get free access to the web while on the go. The new offering is called the sponsored Web pass and it is a service that allows advertisers to sponsor the cost of the data user’s mobile internet access. The advertiser would provide the user with free mobile data in exchange for looking at ads.

The free access would be offered in time or content based mobile increments. The system would allow advertisers to sponsor things like one day of free mobile internet access or one hour of twitter use. The data user would have to watch a short advertisement from the sponsor before being allowed to use the web.

Opera says that the content would be presented in a manner similar to TV commercials. After viewing the ad, the user could access the online content offered via the Web Pass for the duration of the sponsorship.

The service would offer the user the ability to continue browsing the web after the sponsored access expires at their own cost. The user could also choose to interact with other advertisements to continue surfing the web at no cost. It’s unclear when this Sponsored Web Pass will be available for end users to try out.

SOURCE: Opera Software

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