Opera Mobile Coming To Android And Opera 11 Will Have Extensions

Android user will be glad to hear that Opera mobile will be coming to Android devices soon .The browser is set to hit within a month according to Opera and will have all sorts of cool features that we expect on a mobile browser today.

Those features will include hardware acceleration and pinch to zoom among others. The hardware acceleration allows Opera Mobile to run at faster speeds and will bring with it new improvements to the UI with pinch to zoom for all websites and better interaction with the phone. An exact launch date is not offered from Opera.

Opera has also announced that Opera 11 will have extensions. Extensions are a way for the user to add new functionality to their browser and developers will be able to create extensions using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and other open standards and supported APIs. The extensions will be installed via a pop up that lets you install them easily when you want. Extensions will debut with the browser at an unspecified future date.

Via Android Community