Opera Mini yanked from GetJar over app store competition

Opera may have beat rivals like Amazon to the punch with its new Opera Mobile Store, offering browser-based access to apps across various mobile platforms, but the new service has had an undesired side-effect: getting Opera Mini booted from GetJar. The download service confirmed this morning that "Due to violations of our T&C's Opera Mini has been banned from GetJar," going on to suggest that users "download Bolt, UCweb, Dolphin, Layar or Sqauce and others as needed" instead.

A subsequent tweet pinned the blame on Opera's new Mobile Store service, which is a competitor to GetJar's own business. "[Opera] placed an app store in their browser. one thing we can't do is promote competing app stores ;) " the message read, with a full explanation promised sometime today.

Opera is yet to comment officially itself on the matter, though we're guessing the company won't be too impressed by GetJar's decision. Still, as we saw when Apple gave Opera a 17+ rating in the Mac App Store, the company does have a sense of humor about its competitors.

[via mocoNews]