Opera Labs brings crypto-wallet to desktop browser in advance

JC Torres - Sep 25, 2018, 7:11 am CDT
Opera Labs brings crypto-wallet to desktop browser in advance

The hype and scandals over bitcoin may have died down but cyptocurrency still has some very strong believers and pushers. One of those is browser maker Opera, who is dead set on claiming the title of the first web browser with built-in crypto wallet access. That’s already true for its Android browser and now it’s doing the same for the desktop with a small twist. It’s coming via a Labs version you’ll have to install and use separately from any other Opera desktop browser.

Opera is clearly excited about crypto wallets. It remains the only (relatively) major browser vendor that’s integrating cryptocurrency features into its software. It’s so excited about it that it wants to let users test out its crypto wallet feature without having to install a plugin or extension. Instead, you’ll have to install a whole browser alongside your normal Opera desktop browser.

Opera Labs will save you the hassle of having to set up a different crypto wallet for your desktop browsing but it does require you to have Opera for Android beta, which has the built-in crypto wallet feature. Whenever you need to sign a transaction on the desktop, your phone will prompt you to provide your fingerprint to authorize it.

Opera’s crypto wallet supports Ethereum Dapps and Web 3.0, as well as tokens and “collectibles”. Keys are all stored on the phone using secure hardware. This crypto wallet definitely makes Opera unique though hardly a feature that will let it leap frog over the likes of Chrome and Firefox. That is, unless you’re a diehard cryptocurrency fan, of course.

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