Opera cuts down its workforce by 10%

Opera has just reported that it lost about 91 of its employees, which amounts to almost 10% of its workforce. Half of the employees were developers for the software company, and the reason for the cut was due to Opera's decision to switch over to the open-source WebKit browser. The switch left the company with 840 employees last quarter, down from the 931 that it had previously had.

Opera has stated that the restructuring of the company due to the switch actually cost around $7.8 million. Due to Opera switching from it's old proprietary, rendering engine, Presto, to WebKit, many of the jobs at the company became obsolete. Opera stated that the workers left voluntarily after they had received their severance packages. Opera was kind enough to help many of the workers find new jobs within the industry.

Opera also stated that because of the switch to WebKit, it didn't need to dedicate a majority of its resources to improving Presto. All it needed to do was contribute to the open-source WebKit community. With that, some of Opera's key engineers were transferred to more product-specific roles within the company.

Opera believes that with the company switching to WebKit, and with its recent acquisition of Skyfire, the company is about to start its new, exciting chapter. It had recently announced that over 300 million users are using its product on a daily basis, and it's ready to do something big to one-up itself. It will show off a glimpse of what it's been working on at the Mobile World Congress next week.

[via The Next Web]