Opera Coast 4.1 comes with video boost to keep spinners away

Next to the Spinning Pinwheel of Death, the next most dreaded rotating indicator is probably the ones that you see on YouTube and other video streaming sites. Yes, those spinners that indicate that your video has stopped and is still buffering, making you wait in anxiety and worry, especially when the connection suddenly crashes. Opera Software, who has been at the forefront of minimizing your Internet data usage, has a solution for that in the form of the latest version 4.1 of its Opera Coast browser for iOS, now with Video Boost technology.

Although no longer the browser darling of mobile devices, Opera has been re-earning its distinction through technologies and services that aim to help users save on bandwidth, data usage, and, consequentially, on money. Its latest big product was Opera Max, which operated like a virtual server that compressed data that goes to and from Android devices, whether from browsers or from apps. Now it is taking its data saving techniques to video streaming on iPhones and iPads, saving users not just from unreasonable charges but also from frustration.

The video boost feature of Opera Coast 4.1 actually comes from Opera's existing Rocket Optimizer technology. In essence, this technology analyzes a users' connection and tries to optimize the video using the most efficient transcoding compression for that particular context. This ensures that the user will get the video fast, no matter the quality of the connection. Best of all, you don't even need to subscribe to a service to take advantage of it. Simply turn on the Opera Turbo feature in the browser's settings and you're good to go!

Opera Coast 4.1 also brings other features that continue the theme of speed. You can quickly get to your Discover favorites page with a simple downward swipe. Returning to secure sites also loads faster than when you first visited them. And you can now share pages faster to Pinterest, Evernote, Pocket, and Kik.

You can download Opera Coast 4.1 from the iTunes App Store. And this time, unlike last year, this update is available for both iPhones and iPads.