Opera browser is now Chromebook optimized with new features added

When it comes to alternative browsers for desktop users on Windows or Mac platforms, there are many options. However, those who use Chromebooks didn't have any alternatives to Chrome until now. Opera has announced that it has launched the world's first alternative browser optimized for Chromebook users.

The Opera Browser brings features previously unavailable on the Chrome OS platform, including free and unlimited no-log browser VPN, ad blocker, cookie dialogue blocker, and color themes. An alternative browser is a big deal for Chromebook users as many people worldwide have turned to typically less expensive Chromebooks amid the global pandemic to enable working and learning from home.

Opera for Chrome OS has built-in messengers, free unlimited integrated VPN, blocking protection from GDPR-related cookie dialogues, and a built-in crypto wallet. Among the integrated messenger services are WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Messenger.

Opera has five color themes available in light and dark modes. Dark mode is particularly welcome for users who enjoy watching videos, working, or surfing the web in the dark. Opera also notes that the night mode available for the Chromebook browser blocks blue light glare that disrupts sleep patterns and helps reduce unnecessary light that could disturb those around you.

The browser is based on the Opera Browser for Android with customizations delivering a complete laptop experience. The browser allows users to keep using the mouse and keyboard with useful keyboard shortcuts for opening tabs and focusing on the address bar. Users can also synchronize Opera for Chromebook with other Opera browsers on mobile devices or desktop computers. Synchronization is done using the Flow feature or by scanning a QR code to establish the flow and end-to-end encrypted chat. The browser is available to download now.