Opera browser catches up, syncs bookmarks across devices

JC Torres - Mar 11, 2015, 6:10 am CDT
Opera browser catches up, syncs bookmarks across devices

Back in the days before smartphones, Opera was the household name when talking about web browsing on phones. The browser has since then been eclipsed by mainstream desktop names like Firefox and Chrome. The Norway-based company has seen its business change over the course of the years, including a data-saving service that goes beyond the its web browser. Now, however, its main product is starting to catch up. Opera, on both desktop and mobile, will now let you sync your bookmarks across all of those platforms.

In this age where one person can own or use more than one device, bookmark syncing is not just a luxury. It is a necessity. Which is why it is somewhat disappointing to realize that Opera only got this much needed feature only now. But at least for those who have remained loyal to the brand, there is one less thing to be envious of from other browsers.

The new feature only works on Opera for the desktop, Opera Mini for iOS, and Opera for Android. Strangely the roster excludes Opera Mini for Android, which offers data saving benefits over the normal version. That said, the app could very well join the flock soon.

Pretty like similar features on Firefox and Chrome, Opera’s bookmark syncing requires signign up and signing into an Opera account. Of course, the account is completely optional and the browser is fully functional even without one, though you will not be able to sync your bookmarks. Now to wait and see how long it will take Opera to implement opened tab syncing as well.

VIA: VentureBeat

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