OpenSource Linux Phone is almost a Hit!

Staff Editor - Dec 31, 2006
OpenSource Linux Phone is almost a Hit!

Trolltech has released their “Greenphone” which is a phone that runs open source Linux. This phone includes developer tools to increase the phone’s capabilities, along with VMWare software. Using Mini SD and USB ports, this phone has huge potential, hardware wise.

With developer tools and smart phone applications built in, writing software for this phone gets to the point where almost everything is user controlled. Users can point their “apps” and download others’ and put them on their phone. Equipped with a touch screen and a 1100mAh battery, this thing rocks all the competition.

The hardware is great, but comes with a much deserved price tag. For $700, not many people see this as a phone, but as a whole new type of gadget. These things are tricky to type on, using the on screen keyboard, and can get very hot. These may become more widely spread if the price comes down.

Trolltech’s Greenphone: A reasonable first effort [Via:]

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