Open webOS 1.0 boots on Asus Transformer Prime tablet

HP's purchase of Palm to get its hands on webOS was doomed from the start. HP was ultimately unable to do anything meaningful with the operating system. Rather than hold onto the defunct operating system, webOS went open source. Open webOS 1.0 is the open-source flavor of the operating system and it has been ported to boot on modern tablet hardware.

Open webOS was specifically ported to run on the Asus Transformer Prime tablet over the weekend. The port was completed by developer Stephen Troughton-Smith, who was able to get the operating system to boot on the Transformer Prime the weekend after the open-source operating system's Friday launch. There are still some kinks to work out to get the operating system fully functional.

Right now, Open webOS will boot on the Transformer Prime, but there are some major problems that need to be addressed. Apparently, the operating system has significant issues with freezing. The developer has no indication of how long it will take work out all the bugs with the port.

He reminded users that it could take hours/days/weeks to get everything fixed and working smoothly. This is very good news for people who are fans of webOS. Perhaps the open-source community can make something successful where both Palm and HP failed. The photograph above was tweeted by the developer to prove the open-source operating system is at least booting.

[via Android Community]