Oops, wrong car: riders mistaking strangers for Uber drivers

Unlike competitor Lyft, which gives its drivers a bright pink mustache to put on their car, Uber drivers don't have any obvious way to stand out from the hoards of vehicles around them. This is resulting in some funny (depending on your sense of humor) situations involving riders hopping into random non-Uber cars.

Of course, Uber riders have some information from the app to try to ascertain where their driver is and in which vehicle they're located — those who aren't such keen observers, or who had a little too much to drink, might not find the app helpful, however.

A quick trip through Twitter reveals ample tweets from non-Uber drivers who had strangers hop into their vehicle, only for an uncomfortable situation to take place when the rider realized they didn't get in the right car. It seems that Lyft users have done the same.

Many instances of this can be found across the Internet, and as the service's popularity grows, the number of strangers hopping into other strangers' cars is bound to grow with it. Have you ever had a stranger jump into your car, thinking you were an Uber driver? Drop us a comment!

SOURCE: Valleywag