OO wireless projector concept is carbon fiber and dead sexy

I really like design concepts that take objects that are mundane and reimagine them in new forms. Projectors are typically boxy devices that you can find in homes, schools, and offices for giving presentations and watching movies. A design concept called the OO wireless projector has turned up at Yanko Design and it has to be the best looking projector I have seen.

The projector uses a semi monocoque carbon fiber chassis and is designed by David Riesenberg. The designer says the projector throws a 1080p image sent to it via WiFi or from an internal SSD. The wireless bit is very cool because you could place it in your home without worrying about how you will get the HDMI cable to it.

The projector also sports some sort of internal battery that lets it work without an AC cord for up to three hours. Three adjustable legs are built-in to allow adjustment of the image. The OO certainly looks good, but it reminds me of one of the flying robots from the flick "Batteries Not Included" from my youth.