Onyx, Coral Pink DS Lites Announced

If you're an early Nintendo DS Lite adopter, like me, this announcement is probably going to make you very, very angry. Nintendo has announced that, starting September 13th, the DS Lite will be available to US buyers in both black (hereby known as "Onyx") and pink (referred to as "Coral Pink") in addition to the already-available Polar White DS Lite. So, now your DS Lite can look as good (if not better) than your PlayStation Portable AND have a better game library to boot.

"Not only are the DS Lite screen and battery life incredible, but the new colors just add another element of fun, allowing people to 'personalize' who they are by the color, or colors they pick."

The new DS Lites don't offer any additional functionality over the Polar White DS Lite, aside from looking cooler. So, you can expect to enjoy the DS's entire library, the Game Boy Advance's entire library, and all the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection entertainment you can muster. Still Nintendo, couldn't you have launched these new DS Lites back in June?

Official Nintendo Press Release