OnStar Offers New Family Link Pilot Program

OnStar has been on GM vehicles for a long time now and has some really cool features. The features we tend to see on TV are the door unlocking and the ability to track and stop the vehicle if it gets stolen. OnStar has a new pilot program for families that looks very interesting for the worrisome sort. The program is called the Family Link pilot.

Family Link is a service that subscribers can sign up for that allows others to locate their vehicle and sign up for location alerts. The pilot program is by invitation only and will run through the end of this year. What the program does is allows the subscribers to log into the Family Link website and view the map to see where the vehicle is at any time.

The subscriber can set up email or text notifications to let them know where the vehicle is at any time of the day and they can change the frequency of the alerts. The idea is interesting and would let parents keep an eye on kids on the way to college. A family member unable to go on a road trip could see where their family was at any given time rather than worry something might have happened to them. The information provided will tell the address the vehicle is near and can show the speed the vehicle is traveling.