OnStar and NORAD team up to make it easy to track Santa Christmas Eve

If you have kids, they are undoubtedly very nearly insane with the anticipation of Christmas at this point. Last year I had to set my daughter up with an iPod touch and the NORAD Santa tracker app to keep her from going off the reservation completely. If you have, a GM car that rocks OnStar you can send your little ones outside to push the OnStar button and hear just where Santa is.

Starting at 7pm on Christmas Eve OnStar subscribers, including FMV owners, will be able to request a Santa Update all the way through 5am on Christmas Day. OnStar and NORAD are working together to help kids track Santa on his trip around the world. I can only imagine the number of calls that OnStar will receive.

Considering my daughter updated the app roughly every 15 seconds last year. I suspect very heavy calling from any parent with an OnStar ride and young kids. The downside is that knowing where Santa is may mean some kids will stay up later. OnStar was showing off in car video call streaming yesterday.