Only Girls Get Portable DMB TVs

Oh jeez, another "product for women".  Just when I'd got the bad taste of Mio's let's-slap-flowers-on-it-as-girls-will-love-that H610 sat-nav out of my mouth, along comes Samsung with a portable DMB TV designed especially for the ladies.  I assume it's the handbag-like handle that makes it so desperately feminine; either that or it menstruates.  Koreans of the female persuasion will be able to enjoy the LMD-10A51W's 10-inches of screen plus the ability to plug an external hard-drive in for video and image playback.

Check out more pictures after the jump, including some of a man looking enviously (but putting on a brave face) at the LMD-10A51W.

LMD-10A51W, the DMB TV for women [Akihabara News]