Only 220 Palm Pre sold in Ireland since launch?

Back when we reviewed the O2 Palm Pre in October 2009, we pondered whether the sheer length of time between its announcement the preceding January and its launch nine months later would leave buyers cold.  Unfortunately it sounds like that might have been the case: Mobile Industry Review have heard from an unnamed "heavyweight industry source" that O2 Ireland have sold a mere 220 Pre handsets, and that sales have been "equally successful" in the UK.

Considering the Pre has been on sale in Ireland since October 16th, that means O2 have shifted roughly 16 of the handsets every week since then.  No solid figures for O2 UK sales, but on that basis we're guessing the "equally successful" comment was seriously tongue-in-cheek.  Neither O2 or Palm have released sales figures detailing how many handsets have been shipped broken down by territory, but it seems a lengthy delay and software that was already outdated at launch may have scuppered Palm's revival some.