Only "geeks and otaku" want more storage for the Wii

How many of you with a Wii would like to have a better storage option for your console? Well, according to Nintendo, you're all just a bunch of "geeks and otaku". Oh, and you only make up a niche market.

First off, I want more storage for my Wii, and I am proudly a geek. However, there's no reason to start slinging labels around (especially when one of them isn't even English!). Secondly, I've been a faithful customer of Nintendo since the days of the NES and handed them more money than I'd care to think about over the years. I would imagine that a fair number of you have been using their products for an equally long time.

So why would Nintendo casually brush off what I would consider to be their core crowd? Perhaps they no longer care about their faithful customers and instead want to focus on the so-called "casual gamer". Ah, never mind.

[via Kotaku]