Onkyo X-NX10A mini-HiFi with 80GB HDD & internet access

Onkyo's latest mini-HiFi system, the X-NX10A, might look pretty mainstream (although that color LCD is on the large size), but its demure appearance hides a few pleasantly up-to-date features. For a start, there's an 80GB hard-drive that you can rip CDs to or, via a USB port, copy across your existing digital music files. An ethernet port also allows the HiFi to look up track and artist information online, or download (non-DRM) tracks directly.

The X-NX10A is compatible with MP3, PCM and ATRAC audio files (which seems a little limited), and you can transfer album art over to display while tracks are playing. Onkyo have also used a floating-mount for the hard-drive, intended to reduce vibrations and electrical noise. Other products from the company that have the RI (Remote Interactive) connection can be linked to the X-NX10A, and music transferred across (e.g. from cassette or vinyl).

Each speaker has a 13cm medium cone and 3cm tweeter, delivering 26W each. The Onkyo X-NX10A should be on sale late next month, priced at around €450 ($698).

[via Akihabara]