Onkyo unveils new DP312 nettop and DC213 minimumPC netbook

Nettops and netbooks are everywhere today with the vast popularity of the machines on the market. Everyone is in the netbook market today it seems, even a lot of companies who have no interest in the computer market traditionally. One of those companies in Onkyo, more known in the home theater market.Onkyo (PDF) has unveiled a couple new computers today including the DP312 and the DC213. The DP312 is the more interesting of the two, and fits with the companies offering in home theater more. The nettop is aimed at the HTPC crowd, runs Windows 7 Home Premium, and uses the older Atom N270 processor. It can be had with up to 4GB of RAM and up to 500GB of storage.

The DP312 supports 1080p video and features ION graphics. The DC213 runs Windows 7 Starter and uses an Atom N450 CPU. The machine has 1GB of RAM and a 250GB HDD along with a DVD player and a 10.1-inch screen. A DVD drive is uncommon in the 10.1-inch space.