OnePlus Watch rumored to have been scrapped again

OnePlus has dipped its hand into multiple cookie jars from a one-time toy drone to wireless earbuds. The one thing it hasn't done yet, at least not in a tangible, commercial form, is a smartwatch. Rumors of OnePlus' own smart timepiece have been circulating for years ever since the birth of the company and it seems that the situation won't be changing any time soon or at all. After a teaser of what may be the first OnePlus Watch, a new rumor claims that, once again, it might never be.

Almost every smartphone maker has, by now, released a smartwatch of its own. Even Chinese brands like OPPO and Vivo have jumped on board so it is only normal to expect that their cousin OnePlus would be joining the band soon. Unfortunately, that might not be the case anymore.

OnePlus' India Twitter account posted a teaser two weeks ago that implied the time would finally come soon. It was only a matter of time, it said, but time has apparently run out.

All About Samsung reporter Max Jambor, a.k.a. @MaxJmb, says that his source claims that the OnePlus Watch announcement has been postponed indefinitely. It doesn't mean it won't happen but that is often the end result when things are held off without a new date. That said, it was the announcement only that was postponed, implying that the product might already exist anyway.

MaxJmb doesn't have any info on the reason for the sudden change in its course but the usual culprits are problems in production or development. OnePlus as a company is also undergoing a period of transition with the departure of co-founder Carl Pei and CEO Pete Lau's reported withdrawal from many day-to-day operations. Whether it's a sign of the company experiencing some internal problems is a bit premature to say but, at least for now, fans will have to keep on dreaming for that OnePlus smartwatch that may never come at all.