OnePlus Watch is finally coming together with OnePlus 9

JC Torres - Mar 14, 2021, 7:56pm CDT
OnePlus Watch is finally coming together with OnePlus 9

It has been in the backburner for years literally but it only took a few months for OnePlus to actually make it happen finally. Rumors about the company’s first-ever smartwatches (its first wearable was actually the OnePlus Band fitness tracker) have been circulating for the past few months a few clues left by OnePlus itself around the Internet but it just dropped its biggest and its least subtle teaser yet. Yes, the OnePlus Watch is coming and it will be debuting alongside the OnePlus 9 series next week.

Since its infancy, OnePlus has been expected to come out with its own take on the smart wearable market. The company would later admit that such a OnePlus smartwatch was in the works but, due to being new to the mobile market, it decided to just focus on doing what it does best in the meantime. That was almost seven years ago and OnePlus has matured to be quite the formidable contender in the market that it is today.

There were hints last year that OnePlus would finally be launching a smartwatch, and was even rumored to have scrapped that idea yet again. It did launch its first wearable early this year but that was just a smart fitness tracker. This time, it’s unambiguously saying that it will finally have a smartwatch by March 23.

If there’s any doubt left that the company is teasing a smartwatch, its longer post on its Community Forums pretty much removes all those. It sprinkles not-so-subtle hints like “the clock is ticking”, “it’s time for something new”, “is healthy, punctual, and even takes care of you while you sleep” to make it very clear. The latter also hints that the device will have some sleep tracking features as well.

OnePlus is so sure that everyone already gets it that it’s holding a contest for making the wrong guess about the product. Either way, there’s no stopping the hands of time when OnePlus makes its grand announcement in what would be a historic event for the company on March 23.

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