OnePlus 'Two' coming next year, but don't get 'too' excited

The OnePlus One is a curious device with an even more curious buzz surrounding it. It's both a fantastic handset and a misguided attempt at a grassroots hardware company. Having not even shored up their current issues, their Global Director has committed the company to bring a second iteration of the One next year.

Via a Reddit AMA session, OnePlus Director of Global Carl Pei said the second iteration of the OnePlus One — dubbed the Two — will be out sometime next year. Pei said they were currently eyeing a Q2 or Q3 release.

Pei also suggested OnePlus was considering a smaller form factor for the Two, but didn't say if details had been finalized.

The OnePlus One is easily one of the better Android phones available. With it's impressive spec sheet and downright phenomenal pricing, it's one many are clamoring to get their hands on.

The problem with the One, and really OnePlus in general, is that they've done everything wrong to get that phone to consumers. From a misguided, sexist invite contest to a kluge of an "open" sales approach, OnePlus is just misfiring.

If they can clean up their supply chain issues with the OnePlus Two (hint: it's three), all these silly growing pains will be forgotten quickly. If users face the same fate with the Two as they have with the One, OnePlus could quickly be forgotten in a sea of strong devices like the Moto X.

Source: Reddit