New OnePlus order system still sounds terrible

"Launching something is difficult", says OnePlus via a new blog post. They're right. With OnePlus' slow rollout for their One smartphone, the Android faithful fervently position to get their hands on one of the best Android handsets around. Via a new and open pre-order process, starting next month, more people will be able to snatch a One, or at least wait in line for it.

Of all that's been said about OnePlus of late, there's always been one nagging issue: their invitation order system is just plain terrible. Several misguided or just plain stupid campaigns were meant to get people excited for their smartphone, but only served to make OnePlus look silly.

Starting in October, OnePlus will start opening up the One for order and pre-order. Though wide open to whoever wants their flagship phone, the system reeks of more headaches. OnePlus will release their phone in batches, and open order windows accordingly. If you're lucky enough to get what's in stock, good for you. If not, you get to pre-order a One.

The windows will remain open for a pre-determined time, in which everyone is free to jump in.

If you end up in pre-order, there's no hard timeline for when you will get a phone. Though OnePlus hopes their order/pre-order windows will be more frequent than they currently are, they're not committing to a timeframe for batch releases.

With devices like the Moto X (2014) looming (from a  Motorola who doesn't have the supply chain issues OnePlus seems to), it's hard to find a reason to wait in a blind queue for the OnePlus One. Though wide open to whoever can get in, the order/pre-order window program here still sounds like a kluge.

Source: OnePlus