OnePlus TV is real and coming soon but its logo is the first to arrive

It seems the trend among smartphone makers is to try their hands at expanding their screens and expanding into the smart TV market. Huawei subsidiary Honor has just revealed its Honor Vision and, not to be outdone, OnePlus is about to do the same. It has now practically confirmed the existence of its first TV products but, without actually divulging anything, it is taking time, a lot of time, to talk about its name and its logo.

To be fair, a name could make or break a product but, given there's not much else to name it, the "OnePlus TV" isn't exactly that revolutionary. And yet, with nothing else to talk about, it seems that OnePlus is demonstrating its ability to wax poetic about the design decision that went into the new logo.

That logo is practically the OnePlus logo with the letters "T" and "V". More than just the name, OnePlus goes into detail into the spacing between the characters as well as the size of the lines used. They're all meant to convey unity, symmetry, and classical art. Only if you read their explanation, of course.

They may have just added a "TV" to the logo but OnePlus wants to remind the public that there is actually a meaning behind the very name "OnePlus". That "One is meant to convey "at the moment" while the "+" is for future possibilities. In a way, it's saying that the OnePlus TV is its first step towards to future possibilities.

Of course, it's all marketing talk at the moment but the takeaway from all of these is that OnePlus is ready to proceed with its smart TV plans. Unfortunately, there's not much else to go with but considering IFA 2019 is just a month away, we might not have to wait that long for clues.