OnePlus Theme Store might be coming with Android 12

Perhaps more than any major smartphone maker, OnePlus is pretty proud of how community-centric it is. In fact, there have been times when it was the community's voice that was heard over the company's own decisions, at least in places where the two could meet halfway. That happened when OnePlus put the much-requested Always-On Display or AOD feature to a community vote and the company is again heeding its users' request for a theme store that may be coming in the next major upgrade for Android and OxygenOS.

Some people love customizing their phones and Android users often take advantage of how more open the platform is. Creating themes from scratch, however, isn't exactly something everyone likes to do and OnePlus users have been requesting a hub to share and download such themes more easily. The company finally agreed to add that feature but it wants the community's further input first.

To that end, OnePlus is holding its usual Open Ear Forum, its version of a town hall meeting where it meets up with users to solicit feedback as well as to provide and insights from the company. This year's OEF will, of course, be different from past ones. Just like last year's OEF, this will be online, which means more people will be able to join in compared to local, in-person events.

"Offline" OEF events will still happen but not until OnePlus is 100% sure it's safe. That said, the online event still requires registration and participants will still be given physical goodies anyway.

It's still unknown at this point, however, how OnePlus will choose to implement this Theme Store. Wallpapers are no-brainers, of course, but everything else is still up in the air, it seems. OxygenOS 12, which will arrive with Android 12, seems to be the perfect opportunity to make this happen but the big question is which phones will actually get the update and when.