OnePlus OxygenOS to get Dark Mode quick toggle, performance tweaks

In some alternate universe, OnePlus phones would have been running on the foundations of the most popular community-developed Android ROM, CyanogenMod. It would have been a very different world but, to its credit, OnePlus has definitely stepped up in the development of its own OxygenOS Android spin. It has been quick and more or less open about development and features and its latest Q&A for May reveals what OnePlus owners can expect next, presuming they're on phones ready to run the latest Android 10-based version.

OxygenOS still deviates a bit from stock the Android experience even though it tries to keep as close as possible. One key example of that is something as simple as toggling Dark Mode on and off. On Android 10, that's an easy to reach button in Quick Settings but OnePlus owners will have to wait for major OxygenOS update to get it. Presuming it passes Beta Testing, of course.

The bulk of the Q&A also addresses many concerns from phone owners that seem to revolve around a common theme of efficiency and speed. OnePlus promises that it will be bumping up the multi-tasking UI to be faster and that complaints about the OnePlus Launcher performance have already been fixed in the latest version of the app, available from Google Play Store.

There were also concerns about some seemingly buggy behavior on OnePlus phones but the company assures that they're working as intended. A new phone will naturally heat up when receiving data during a transfer process and GPS will also turn off automatically when you lock the screen in Battery Saver mode.

It should be noted that most of these changes and improvements are still undergoing testing in Open Beta builds. Fortunately, OnePlus has also been quite good at that and has even started the ball rolling in bringing Android 10 to the 2017 OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T.