OnePlus OneLab team shows off a new app called Clipt

OnePlus recently introduced its OneLab team and has come forward this week to reveal a new app the OneLab team has been working on. The OneLab team gave a little background on how the new app, called Clipt, came to be. Last summer, the team conducted an online research session with community members looking into a topic the team called "content creators."

During that research session, the team said they needed people to get something from their phone to a computer and found that one person emailed themselves, one used a messaging app to text themselves, and another used a cloud service. While that was unrelated to the testing they were conducting, team members said it did catch their attention.

A few months after that test, team members remembered the multiple approaches used to send something from a smartphone to themselves and decided to solve the problem. The result was the app known as Clipt. The team is sharing the app with the OnePlus community and seeking input and thoughts to help them refine the app. The team also requests users to report any bugs they find and review the app on the Play store.

Clipt is an app and Chrome extension that creates a link between devices to connect the clipboard. Once the components are installed, users can copy on one device and paste on another and can use the link to share files between the devices easily. Clipt can be used on as many devices as to usual wants.

The app uses the user's own Google Drive account to transfer the data between devices. The only thing the app itself transfers is a way to identify the data for other devices, making it safe and secure. The app does request read and write permissions for Google storage, but the team says Clipt can only download the files it creates because it is siloed. The app and extensional keeps the last ten items the user transfers and then auto deletes to prevent the storage space from filling up.