OnePlus Nord OxygenOS 11 update paused due to bug complaints

OnePlus has always been proud of how quickly it is able to turn its ship, especially when it comes to implementing new software features or putting out updates. It's not really out of the ordinary that, just like any other smartphone maker, it would sometimes fail to catch bugs before they reach users but it seems that OxygenOS 11 has been quite problematic for it more than previous updates. No OnePlus phone series seems to have unaffected, including the OnePlus Nord that just got the update last week before being paused suddenly.

After more than two months in the making, owners of the first OnePlus Nord may have been delighted to finally receive the stable OxygenOS 11 update last Monday. Not only did it bring Android 11 with it, it also promised an upgraded experience, mostly thanks to its new user experiences and UI. Their rejoicing may have been premature, unfortunately, as some OnePlus Nord users discovered to their dismay.

A OnePlus staff member in the community forums announced that they have temporarily paused rolling out the OxygenOS 11 update for the OnePlus Nord. This is blamed on bugs that were detected (read: reported) after the update has already been installed on users' devices. Unfortunately, there seems to be no fix for those already affected by these issues other than to wait for a later update to fix them.

The post doesn't actually mention which bugs afflicted users but there have been a growing number of complaints that seem to cover all corners of performance. Those range from battery drain and charging issues to misbehaving apps to, perhaps more worryingly, being locked out of the secure App Locker space.

It is definitely disheartening to hear of another problematic OxygenOS 11 rollout, especially considering how the entire release seems to have been controversial for one reason or another. Aside from bugs in both beta and stable releases, OnePlus' decision to move away from the fan-favorite stock Android experience just didn't sit well with some users. It is unknown whether these big changes are, in fact, also to blame for the buggy release.