OnePlus Nord is the name, leaking budget phone is the game

OnePlus Nord is the name of the budget-friendly smartphone the brand OnePlus has releasing next. This next-generation smartphone line will start with a single model that's not quite revealed in full just yet, but should be soon. Today was a big day in the history of the phone line as the OnePlus crew revealed that it was, indeed, called OnePlus Nord, officially.

Today we're looking at a wide variety of clues dropped by the PR group in charge of OnePlus Nord. They've taken a very interesting approach, embracing the "leaker" culture that permeates smartphone news and releases for the past decade. In this, they've also embraced the social network-loving culture of consumers that brought the OnePlus brand to prominence in the first place.

OnePlus revealed today that "there were many theories about the new OnePlus phone. Lite wasn't quite right," said the brand, "Z wasn't either. Meet Nord. OnePlus Nord." This was revealed on Twitter.

The most interesting bit of this campaign appears on Instagram, where the brand's been extra cheeky about "leaking" information on the Nord brand. That OnePlus Instagram account straight up called out several prominent leakers for attempting to figure out the names and specifications of the next smartphone in the brand.

It's expected that the brand will release OnePlus Nord in India and another region or two, with a "Limited" release in the USA. We'll see what that means, more than likely, in the very near future. Stay tuned and we shall see! Take a peek at the timeline below for more information on a device that's been leaked in (nearly) full before it reaches prime time.