OnePlus isn't waiting until next week to reveal its first smartwatch

OnePlus is supposed to reveal the OnePlus 9 series during a event next week, but you wouldn't know it judging by how much the company has confirmed over the last few weeks. In fact, you'd be forgiven for thinking that these devices have already been revealed and the OnePlus marketing machine is just ramping up, given all of the teases and images the company has shared recently. Today, the company is back at it again, revealing the look of the OnePlus Watch.

Technically, it was Unbox Therapy that revealed the look of the watch on Twitter, but considering that OnePlus was tagged in that post an ultimately retweeted it, it's safe to say that Unbox Therapy had the company's blessing in publishing this image. OnePlus says that it has "a lot more to show on March 23rd," which is when that OnePlus 9 reveal event is slated to take place.

That Unbox Therapy is sharing this image today isn't much of a surprise. We've been expecting OnePlus to reveal the OnePlus Watch alongside this new phone lineup, not only because of leaks, but also because OnePlus itself started teasing it earlier this month. It's really starting to seem like OnePlus gets too excited for its own good in the lead up to these reveal events.

It was just a couple of days ago that OnePlus chief Pete Lau confirmed that the smartwatch won't be running Google's Wear OS when it arrives, which is a pretty bold move. OnePlus hasn't made a smartwatch before, so the decision to go in a different direction in terms of operating systems is one that could make it difficult for it to find a sizable audience.

Of course, it might turn out that the OS Oneplus is developing for its smartwatch is actually a really great one that draws people in regardless. Time will ultimately tell on that front, and we're definitely looking forward to seeing what the OnePlus smartwatch has to offer on the 23rd. The OnePlus 9 reveal event is slated to happen that day at 7 AM PDT/10 AM EDT, and we'll be covering the show as it happens so be sure to check back here for our coverage.