OnePlus IDEAS 2.0 to crowdsource OxygenOS' next big features

It may have had some lapses here and there, one thing that OnePlus has been doing right is taking its community's will to heart. The biggest example of that was the Always-on Display (AOD) implementation which, in spite of misgivings, it conceded to the community's strong wishes. That feature was born out of its IDEAS crowdsourcing campaign earlier this year and the company is now launching IDEAS 2.0 to let the OnePlus community shape OxygenOS' future.

Not many companies can actually pull off what OnePlus did due to their sheer size and the size of their customer base. OnePlus is exponentially smaller than, say, Samsung on both accounts and that allows it to be more agile and to be more in touch with its community. More often than not, that mostly involves simply listening to customer feedback but, from time to time, it does engage them more formally in campaigns like this.

Just like the IDEAS program earlier this year OnePlus is soliciting ideas that the community might have in improving the user experience. It's not just a matter of popularity, however, as OnePlus reserves the right to implement only the ones that will actually fit its overall software philosophy.

Unlike the previous iteration, however, IDEAS 2.0 is focused only on software features for OxygenOS. And unlike the earlier contest, the rewards here seem to have been taken down a notch. Only 50XP for the Top 7 ideas and a sponsored trip to an offline OnePlus event for the winner. Given today's situation, that offline event will probably be a long way into the future.

There have already been ideas submitted, from customizable refresh rates to split-screen in landscape mode. Given the controversy surrounding OxygenOS 11's upcoming design, it might not be surprising to see some ideas touching on that topic as well. IDEAS 2.0 will run through November 6.