OnePlus Buds release date and price details revealed

Today OnePlus revealed the OnePlus Buds wireless earbuds right alongside the first OnePlus Nord smartphone. OnePlus Buds are the first "true wireless headset" from OnePlus, ready to roll in three colors right out the gate. OnePlus Buds first release include two earbuds, a charging case (aka a charging box), and a small USB-C cord for charging said box.

The charging case includes a battery which is charged up by a USB cord that's included with the purchase of the Buds. The charging capacity of the case is 430mAh, while each individual Bud is 35mAh. The amount of audio time you'll get with a pair of earbuds is 7 hours, while the buds with the case give a quoted 30 hours of audio.

OnePlus Buds work with Bluetooth 5.0 and Fast Pair. If you've got an Android device with Bluetooth (and access to Fast Pair) you'll have only to open the Buds case for the first time to see a prompt appear on your smartphone's screen. Tap the prompt and the Buds will be paired in an instant.

NOTE: We'll be getting into a bunch of this stuff in our hands-on and eventual review of the OnePlus Buds in the very near future. For now, courage!

OnePlus Buds were made available in White and Gray "worldwide", while the OnePlus Buds Nord Blue Variant was a bit more limited. OnePlus announced a release for the Blue version of the Buds in "EU and India Region" only. Unlike the OnePlus Nord smartphone release (made public the same day as the Buds), the OnePlus Buds was announced with availability in the United States, too!

OnePlus Buds will be made available in the USA for a cool $79 USD in White and Gray. Prices for all three colors will be the same ($109 CAD / $79 USD) but the Blue will be available in the EU and India only. OnePlus Buds will be sold in the USA through the official store starting on July 27, 2020.