OnePlus Buds Pro adaptive noise cancellation will be its headline feature

Truly Wireless Stereo earbuds are a dime a dozen these days. Some use their brand strength to catch buyers' attention and money, while others try to come up with gimmicks or feature buzzwords to stand out from the crowd. OnePlus' upcoming TWS buds will probably try to use both strategies. Based on its own teasing of its features, the OnePlus Buds Pro will be flaunting a newer, more advanced kind of noise cancellation technology to appeal to audiophiles.

Noise cancellation technologies have come a long way to the point that they can be crammed inside the petite bodies of truly wireless earbuds. The most popular and sought-after type has always been ANC, short for active noise cancellation. The upcoming OnePlus Buds Pro will feature another kind of ANC, which OnePlus will brand as Adaptive Noise Cancellation.

The line that divides active noise cancellation and adaptive noise cancellation is so thin that some consider them to be one and the same, just using different marketing terms. In a nutshell, the OnePlus Buds Pro has three microphones that are used to monitor outside noise and produce noise-canceling frequencies. With adaptive tech, however, the earbuds can automatically adjust the amount of noise cancellation depending on the amount of external noise.

Like any ANC technology, this will have an effect on battery life, reducing the OnePlus Buds Pro's promised 38 hours to 28 hours, a number that includes the case's own charge. Fortunately, that case supports OnePlus' Warp Charge to juice it up with 10 hours' worth of life for just 10 minutes of charging. It also supports wireless charging but only up to a small 2W trickle.

The OnePlus Buds Pro will debut alongside the OnePlus Nord 2 on July 22, but, as always, OnePlus is already spilling most of the beans. CNET reports that the matte black bud looks similar to the AirPods Pro in design and has a metallic appearance despite its plastic casing.